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The End of the World Music Festival

In music on December 15, 2012 at 10:14 pm

Sometime in late 2011, as we were starting to embark on our next record, a specter arose and laid claim to our current moniker, throwing in a threat of legal action. Rather than continue to beat a Dead Horse, we took it as an opportunity to look for something new.

Then an entire year passed… no legal action occurred, and as we have always liked our name, it was easy to avoid making any decisions. The world is coming to an end soon anyhow, so perhaps avoidance is the best tactic:

As the universe crumbles around us we will yell out or new name into a churning black cloud, saving a mystical world from certain destruction………

Actually we were given a great opportunity to officially retire the name “Deadhorse”  in grand and ritualistic fashion as part of the The End Of The World Music Festival on Friday December 21st. After all, if it really is the end of the world, what better to send it off than at a giant party filled with alien ambassadors, strange rituals and a whole lot of wild caterwauling. We look forward to that night, and partying with you all as we spiral into the next dimension.

If we are still here on December 22, it will be a new era for bandkind!