Mini Winter Prairie Tour

In music on November 23, 2012 at 8:05 am

One thing about being a Canadian band is that you just cannot avoid the influence of the winter. It can be felt over the many dark months as we fend off the cabin fever by making the blistering noises that float up from the basement, its in the shuffle over ice-slick ground hauling heavy gear into the back door of a venue as your breath steams the air. It’s there in those days when ice crystals recreate the familiar as surreal, and you write sunshine-tinged music to transport you to to the beach in your mind.

During the summer you try your best for a few short months to forget that it exists. But sometimes it’s the winter that really brings us together, once all the distractions of the summer have passed, it’s the best time to get down to business. Maybe there’s a reason why the last time I did a piece of writing for this blog it was also about the influence of winter, for a Canadian this is the definition of a recurring theme.

Sometimes the winter turns up unexpectedly, like the time it found us smack in the middle of the # 1 highway between Regina and Winnipeg in the middle of April, as we were trying desperately to make it to the next gig. Well, it may have been a while since our last attempt but we are not to be deterred, at least this time we have come expecting it.

We kicked off our mini tour at Costello’s in Calgary night, squeezed 5 of us onto the tiny stage and kicked off the tour in style. I’m writing this from our van, we are doing the long night drive, it’s 1:38am and we just passed Swift current.There is a fine art to passing out in a van that is inconsistently heated and driving though a prairie winter that I have yet to master. Here is to another 9 or so hours on the road, can’t wait to finally rock out in Winnipeg!


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