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Welcome to the West

In music on December 10, 2011 at 7:35 pm

Welcome to the West have been strong supporters of Deadhorse since our early days. We played their launch party during a snow storm back in December of 2009 at a basement venue called the Songwriters Club, under one of those historic East Village buildings next to the St. Louis Hotel. Collaborating for a video session had long been discussed, but being busy folks we didn’t get around to it until last summer.

We set out on a hot night towards a patch of land belonging to the family of one of Danny’s best childhood chums. The caravan of friends, fellow bands and film crew snaked its way down the dusty valley track of Willow Creek and ate a hasty snack of sandwiches and red wine amidst the sagebrush. A roaring fire was built and gear was hauled into the hoodoo hills. People pulled up their cars and pointed the headlights at our makeshift stage. We fired up the generators and plugged in.

Deadhorse – Cushion from Welcome To The West on Vimeo.

Playing live has always been an important part of who we are and why we make music. Getting the opportunity to do the song “Cushion” for film, in a place evocative of the sounds we were making at the time, was really a treat.

There have been a lot of changes in the band since this video was made, most notably the departure of Eddie who left us in the fall to aim his solo project Sons of Bullwinkle on the world of radical drone. We were lucky to have him for the time we did. Change is the best thing for artists, and we like to think we’ve got some pretty good changes rolling out before too long. Here is to the band we’ve been, and  here’s to the FUTURE.