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Halifax Pop Explosion

In music on October 29, 2011 at 3:08 pm

It was a whirlwind of explosive drinking, fleeting from show to show and sampling delicious meals and dining. Halifax is one city in Canada that knows how to treat its guests. We had spent our first day encased in twilight, from waking up at 5am, to landing to a setting sun. Confused and a bit delirious, we were taken in by that lovely east coast hospitality at every turn, and it makes us fall in love with you maritime provinces. JB you know it, Hally likewise.

After some naps and some Propeller beers we were basically ready to go: and by that we mean do flips onto hotel beds, find the cheapest drinks in the city, chow late-night seafood, lip each other off a lot and play three shows of varying success.

The first show was our only official Halifax Pop Explosion showcase, and was probably the best show for promoting who we are and what we do. Tribeca is a gritty little upstairs venue, a tunnel of chipped brick with a rustic cave-like stage. We had the matching outfits, we had the stoke, we rocked it and others seem to agree.

Our Saturday shows were a bit more random. The unofficial Saved By Vinyl/Kelp/Herohill showcase, presided over by our lovely label-mama Dawn, had free drinks and tasty home-style food along with Jon Mckiel, Chris Page and our own Ryan Bourne all in it’s favour. We  however, were somewhat out of sorts – the mellow vibe of a BBQ party, low sound wattage, and unfamiliar gear being not the ideal situation may have contributed to the impression some had that we are a bunch of random hippies. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you get the fear, and it stays with you all through a show, even when all the elements are right, all the more so when you feel like your show is happening in a coffee shop for a bunch of hangovers. It’s just our luck that all the Toronto hippie haters who cant appreciate a little boy/girl music were at that show eating the free BBQ and having opinions. They should have been at Tribeca or the house party we played later the night for the real taste. Them’s the breaks I guess. On the bright side our banter about the Calgary Stampede had us taken seriously by at least one other appreciative audience member.

If you are going to find yourself in a random and somewhat dodgy situation, it might as well be because you are following Chixdiggit at four in in morning with borrowed amps and a single mic in a living room full of people determined to make the most of their festival by willingly punishing their ears further with noisy jams and random sweltering blues. Sound about right? See you at the next show.

Damn if we didn’t see some magical sets too: Thee Oh Sees, One Hundred Dollars, Snailhouse, Jennifer Castle (and thanks for picking up our cab fair too), Hind Legs, Cousins, fellow Calgarian Chad VanGaalen and local hero Shotgun Jimmie.

Halifax, your people are warm and your festival was just the right size.


Sister Cities, Fundraisers and the Far East (Coast)

In music on October 12, 2011 at 10:39 pm

After having a total blast in Moose Jaw and Saskatoon, being treated so well that we still feel the glow, we just can’t seem to slow down. We are going to keep that ball rolling all the way to Halifax Pop Explosion, and record another album in Nova Scotia while we’re at it. We must be crazy.

First we’re going back up to Edmonton and to our favourite Wunderbar for a dizzying array of psych-rock doled out by hometown heavies Krang along with Sir Ma’am Ma’am. Beers of every shape and description + wall of radical noise = not to be missed good times.

The next night we will be back in Cowtown for our fundraiser; bringing Krang with us, adding a bit of LUNGPUMA! animalskulls and stirring it up with Vermillion Pleasure Hour. Where can you get chocolate espresso dinorsaur cookies, cheap beer, eats and other surprises? Who is the  man with no face, and have you seen enough dudes with moustaches lately? Look no futher than The AREA on October 15.