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The End of an Era of Sorts

In music on August 17, 2011 at 3:16 am

Photo by Duncan Kenworthy

After spending months in a dank basement Deadhorse went out on our very first tour with the Psychic Alliance in the summer of 2009. That was quite the hilarious and ramshackle ride. We cut our chips at wing nights, campgrounds, public parks, and one impromptu appearance in the woodcutter cottage at the popular B.C. roadside attraction known as  The Enchanted Forest.  The van broke down, we cooked wieners and beans in parking lots, there was bear stew and camping on the beach. It was epic, and it’s interesting to reflect of all that has happened since that summer.

The Alliance has decided to make the move en masse out to the west coast this fall, and in so doing we are deprived of one of our most formidable musical rivals/allies. We are playing with them for one of their last shows before they head out west at Vicious Circle’s appropriately titled Torrid Thursday (August 18). For those of you who are familiar with the Handle, that freakish beast will also be sent off with style; they  join Whiskeyface and Treeline for a show at the Palomino the night after.

The aforementioned dank basement where Deadhorse took its fledgling steps was of course that of  HausHome, Calgary’s psych music vortex of sorts. It is undeniable that our scene as we know it owes several of its most colourful blossoms to the environment of HausHome, where both Deadhorse and the Psychic Alliance originally practiced. HausHome has been the source of many musical experiments, The Starcleaner reunion, Bohemian Waxwing and the Great speckled Fritillary to name a few. Danny and Jennifer played their first show as a duo during a particularly raucous and sparkly party. It is hard to imagine Deadhorse’s roots without that colourful house and it’s cast of characters, of which Marie is the longest standing continuous member.

While the ride in a shared house full of stubborn and opinionated artists is never smooth, it has definitely been interesting for those brave enough to have called it home. HausHome marches on, to the beat of it’s own special drum, but the end of the summer marks the end of a certain era and a parting of ways. Remembering a complicated and productive musical time, it’s with some sadness that we bid The Alliance (and the Handle) adieu for now… no doubt our paths will cross again sooner or later.