Montreal and the last show of the tour

In music on May 24, 2011 at 1:00 am

Montreal is groovy. Almost too cool for us hicks. I wish we had been here in the sixties. Casa Del Popolo is lovely, a painted silver beaten tin ceiling, shabby couches, cute staff. The sun is shining in Montreal. We have a good show, Ledges Blast are awesome ladies that rock hard.  Expo 67 are canadiana and a tinge of the Birds. It’s triumphan and wonderful and the promoters have been awesome and worked thier asses off. Its a full venue but its also a bit of a weird show for us , it’s cool, people don’t loose their shit, and somehow if feels underwhelming to be “hip”, especially after the irreverent roudyness of Moncton. Maybe there’s a bit of saddness too, it being our last show of the tour. After  Halifax we are all feeling the pull of the west we are ready to be heading home .

Some old friends  of mine from art school come out to the show, there are more than a few ex-patriot Calgarians to warm our road-worn hearts. Morgan Sea rescues us from a sticky situation with our planned accomodation. We scarf late night poutine, and  spend the night on the R.A.T. art studio floor.

Old friends and other adventures occupy the next day, i end up taking a grand tour with Morgan, walking all over; lunch with a few more ex-pat art gals, a visit to Drawn and Quarterly, an stroll though the market where i spot pink frilly mushrooms and dandelion greens for sale. We meet up eventually with Danny, Eddie, Marie, Duncan and some friends lounging in the park.  The Montreal culminates with a trip to Shwartz’s for the famous somked meat, outside the streets are glossy and dark with rain.  Mel’s with a cousin, and Bourne is at the all day boosin convention of Rootcellar Brethern.

I’ts hard leaving montreal, we had planned to stay another night but without our planned accommodation, and not wanting to impose, we drag ourselves from friends family and bars and begin the long drive, leaving quebec shortly after midnight.


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