Moncton and getting to Montreal

In music on May 22, 2011 at 10:16 pm

We were wondering what might happen to us with all the Ascension business, but it appears we are still among the wicked, and frankly we all somewhat relived that none of us vanished at the appointed time. The area of Moncton we played in seemed like it might be a little on the rough side, but Plan B has a very familial vibe. To add to the general spookiness, the bar is haunted, and we were remembering the ghost story we read on the cover of the local paper last week.

The bar got hoppin’, Mayor Macaw is awesome; goofy, weird and totally entertaining. People poured in, Sadie and Eric drove from Nova Scotia to see us for the second time (their first being the Halifax gig). In spite of cops driving by and asking us if we had seen any guys in black jumpsuits, we got our glow on. Flattered and full of good vibes we played a great show, took lots of pictures with the staff and stamped the walls of the bar, before piling back into the Yukon for the long night drive to Montreal.

Photo by Duncan Kenworthy

Photo by Duncan Kenworthy

The drives are getting to us, our tolerance for them is thinning, especially in anticipation of the long drive home. Montreal is confusing to get into; construction, detours, signs in French. We head straight for the little café called  Patati Patata, I am forcing this option a bit, their affordable, and perfectly sized food is near perfect, and we are none of us disappointed. After we have filled out bellies we head up to Casa Del Popolo, to set up for the show. Casa also has awesome vegetarian food, a sunny patio, and a nice casual somewhat shabby chic found rarely anywhere in Calgary.



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