Halifax the far east

In music on May 22, 2011 at 7:10 pm

The drive from Sackville is blessedly short as we are all becoming vehicle gargoyles by this point. Halifax is sunny, we find the festival headquarters to drop off our merch, drop by Gus’s Pub and then settle into some fish and chips with our hosts. The show is one of the gems in spite of a slightly stressful changeover. We play well, people stand close and cheer, there are a lot of friendly faces in the audience considering we are so far from home. We drink and make marry, and i am sad to admit that it is hard to focus on the music, having made it this far we are all consumed in our own revelry. The night is hectic and full long lost friends, talking,  giddy parking lot powow’s, beers,  flattery, and a specific brand of tour induced strung-out excitment.

We stay with Craig and Jess in Halifax and fall in love with their “bug”(Boston Terrier/Pug) called Truman. In the morning we eat breakfast late, and then go our separate  ways to beaches, festival events, extravagant seafood explorations and the attentions of doting aunts. Danny’s friend Jenn takes us on a  walk along a beautiful foggy beach.

We get eight lobsters and a sack of mussels from the fish market. We play with our food,  putting live lobsters into boiling water is not for the faint of heart, i find myself apologizing under my breath. We eat our food picnic style on the living room floor, cracking the scarlet shells and slurping mussels, dipping the lot in garlic butter until we are totally overwhelmed. Mel and Ryan return from the festival beer soaked with musical notes on the many great bands we have inadvertently missed while stuffing our faces with seafood. Jenn has also saved the day providing  us with some prescription Flamazine and other dressings for Danny’s foot though a nurse friend, so we are now well armed with bandages, saline, cotton swabs etc. to keep the trenchfoot at bay.

Tomorrow we start heading west again, how strange that will feel, after so many hours of driving east, this is indeed the turning point (no pun intended).


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