Saint John, Sackville

In music on May 19, 2011 at 8:56 pm

Kingston Onterio to New Brunswick is another punishing drive. Getting to the the maritimes was a happy event. New Brunswick was verdant and green in a way that seemed almost unreal, especially considering that just weeks ago we were driving through blizzards. We drove across the longest covered bridge in canada, and ate a bag of  “covered Bridge” cinnamon sweet potato chips to celebrate. Bleary eyed and stiff of limb we stopped over in Saint John NB for a night in a friendly hostel, bought fiddelheads and fresh haddock in the oldest farmers market building in Canada and made dinner to counteract all the greasy food after countless late night gas station snacks.


Our next show was in the little town of Sackville, and were greeted by the yellow front of the Struts Gallery and our host Evan opening the doors. We ate in the Classic and appropriately named Mel’s a convenience store, soda counter and greasy spoon all in one. The local Maritime paper has a story about a ghost on the front page. Sackville is an interesting town, who’s population swells greatly during the school year with students of Mount Allison University. Its the off season for the school, but the little gallery was well attended for the show. Somehow all the band’s playing unexpectedly had openers  with them so the evening became more of a mini festival. I would say Deadhorse was a bit of a sonic surprise amidst the evenings more folky fare. After hours at the pub, shot glasses appeared for ash, and the remaining staff and the band smoked in the bar ( this being somehow so delightful and reminiscent of the old smokey bars of our youth). We have long and involved chats about music while finishing our last pitcher of beer. Hilary takes us in for the night, her house being literally next to the venue and we are grateful not to be spending another night in the car.




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