Escaping Ontario, wonderful Quebec, and back to Ontario ( including Niagara, St Catharines, Toronto and Quebec)

In music on May 15, 2011 at 10:40 pm

It has been some time since I have had any time on the Internet . I’m here at the Sleepless Goat Cafe in Kingston trying to figure out how to bring you up to speed on the past few days.

From Peterborough we drove Niagara falls to have ourselves the tourist experience. The falls are undeniably awesome but the rest of the city is like the freakish love child of Disneyland and Las Vegas. Somehow this instilled in us a creepy desire to eat overpriced casino buffet. Luckily we managed to get out without losing our souls to a buffet.

After Niagra we pressed on to St Catharines still feeling a little worse for the wear on account of the aforementioned large jugs of beer. The Mansion House is the oldest pub in Canada to have been continually licensed and functioning as such. A heavy metal showcase was just finishing as we arrived, there were no posters and the promoter disappeared after saying he would go get beer. For some strange reason no one in St Catharines would serve us tap water but finally we got some coffee which somewhat revived us. The heavy metal kids cleared out and we proceeded to play, to a smaller audience but a decidedly appricative one. We sold some vinyl and feeling better for a job well done piled back into the Yukon for the night drive to Toronto.

Laura met us bleary eyed at a quarter to four and we loaded all our gear into her tiny hallway and proceeded to fill her living room with our prostrate boddies.  After a large breakfast, we were lucky to have a sunny but short day in Toronto. We took a walks though the park, down queen street and through Kensington; various of us wandered to meet friends or settle business. Laura and I did a running tour of the AGO before running back for the show.

Rancho Relaxo also seems not to have received our posters. But after a somewhat tense sound check ( our eventually very nice sound man apparently had a rather unpleasant day) the venue did indeed fill to a decent chroud which included a few friendly faces, Dan and Laura and Mitch amongst them.

We drove through the night to reach Quebec , and felt much relived on arrival to be out of Onterio ( no offense to those who call her home) but it has been a strange province for us this time out, some good acquaintances were made but it would have been nice if some of these had occurred before  shows rather than after. I suppose this is simply the way with a first tour, but it seems to have hit us most here.

Naomi gratfully provided us with a spot to nap after our sound check at the Tam Tam, so we could recover some semblance of humanity.
Alex Drapeau, who Naomi had enlisted to share the bill with us, was hillarious, charismatic and ran about the streets handing out flyers on our way to the venue. The stage was huge, with wooden floors and an old piano at the back.  Feeling better with good French coffee in our bellies we played on of the best sets of the tour, made people dance and even stumbled through some French, then wandered though the streets to eat a late night poutine feast.

The next few days were much needed time off; to wander old Quebec, eat copious amounts of flakey baked goods, cook meals and sleep in one giant bed made out of futons that filled the entire living room. Somehow  during our last night with Naomi, Ryan’s hot beverage for a lurking bronchial ailment upended itself on Danny’s foot as he tired not to flip  a rickety futon. We  arrived in Kingston and dropped the invalids off at the clinic to have blisters lanced and wheezy chests checked. Our show seems to have had absolutely no promotion, so hopefully some kind souls will wander in to have their minds blown by Deadhorse and the f-Holes.


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