In music on May 11, 2011 at 6:44 pm

We went down to  Windsor for a show at the Phog, Tom the owner of the was lippy and awesome, and treated us very well indeed. Windsor definitely has the feeling of somewhere across the river from Detroit. Tom told me that at one point thousands of people would cross the river to take advantage of Canada’s difference in legal drinking age. Five years ago the boarder tightened the rules making the whole process at lot more complicated and now the business from across the water is maybe 20% of what it once was, and the city’s night life has changed drastically as a result.

Everywhere were “for Rent” signs, on houses that would cost a fortune in Calgary, we were soon to get a very specific illustration of this fact. We ended up spending the night with  some musicians who had just moved into “the mansion”  a palatial if somewhat dilapidated house that must have been very grand in it’s heyday, and still had a great deal of lustre, especially for those of us living in overpriced shoeboxes in Calgary. Four floors, numerous rooms, and a long yard ending at the river. From the beach there you could see the dock signs of detroit (also, many canadian geese and a dead fish…) Unfortunately that  river is less than healthy looking.

We drove back to Peterborough for the next night, and were again taken in by Michael and Jonathan. During out absence the venue we were set to play, Ossia, closed it’s doors for good, so we were desperately casting around for a replacement show. Even more so because Raleigh was set to join us as the final date on their Ontario area tour. Thankfully Dave at The Spill took us in, and gave us a place to crash in the upper floor of his spooky and dilapidated heritage building. The day was as hot and sunny as August, and after hastily printing off some posters we all meandered down to the local brewery (The Publican) to drink ale and buy huge tankers of 8% Belgian beer.

The show started slow, but did eventually pick up. It was rather surreal to have a displaced Calgary show so far from home. TWNKLFNGRZ got glammed up in sparkles and goldfinishing the show with a pulsing glam-bang. After that some of us suffered from the excesses of large jugs of afore mentioned 8% beer, and the rest went up the street to the unbelievable loft apartment Jesse and Dan share with their dog Sage. We had met Dan earlier in the vintage store Sympathy For the Rebel. Dan told me some stories that combined with Michael’s made my heart sad for the hostility those sweet queer boys seem to suffer even in such a seemingly liberal town. Dan’s Project ‘We Live Here Too” is a message worth spreading and so I will.

Today we are bak crammed in the Yukon and on our way to be tourists at Niagara falls, then to play a show in st. Catharines at the Mansion House.


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