Our Nations Capital

In music on May 4, 2011 at 12:59 am

Two nights sleeping in a cramped vehicle do not make anyone look or smell good… Ah the rock and roll lifestyle. 36 hours of continuous driving.

Northern Onterio is beautiful. at least what we saw from the windows of the Yukon. We did stop to take in the Kakabeka waterfall, and the inside of a Starbucks, and numerous gas stations. hope we have a bit more time on the way back.


2 or perhaps 3 moose (it was dark for the last one)

Flocks of dear, strolling unnervingly close to the highway

1 bear

1 red fox

lots of  muted tie-dye t-shirts with the above creatures  pictured adjacent to stars, moons, dreamcatchers and mountains for sale in afore mentioned convenience stores.

We are now at long last, in our Nations Capital. Drove leisurely past Parliament hill, shaking our fists and swearing at Stephen Harper.

Long live Layton’s moustache, fight the good fight for us Jack.

Playing the Elmdale Tavern tonight…. tell your friends.


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