Hometown Crowds

In music on April 25, 2011 at 4:11 am

photo: Alicia Nygaard

We released the vinyl in two Calgary shows this weekend. The first at the Marquee, and the second in the basement of 1636. The Bar show was packed, and fun, but the basement show was the heart of our hometown appearances.  A black light neon frenzy, with a glut of loyal flailing fans, crazy string, tequila shots and sundry. The night was dubbed “Great Friday”  ( spray painted in Neon behind the stage) in honour of holiday cheer. We shared the stage with the Oooeiiohs and Evan Webb and The Poisonous Birds. Revelry continued late into the night.

photo: Alicia Nygaard

Easter weekend in Drumheller  was kicked off with Fire Coulee Bandits and busy holiday crowd. The show was just starting to get going when the cops came in and shut the bar down! Although we were somewhat chuffed with ourselves for out-rocking the small town, it seemed pretty odd that the bar would be randomly called out for being over capacity especially since it appeared easily able to accommodate the number of patrons. Rumour has it, that small town politics where to blame, apparently a squabble between bar owners, competing for the holiday crowd, and other mysterious disputes.

photo: Alicia Nygaard


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