In music on April 20, 2011 at 3:28 am

Heading back to Calgary. We are quite spent, looking forward to familiar showers and beds, a luxury we will have to do without over the next month, so that much sweeter. We’re Still tour soft, getting broken in is hard.

We are listening to TMO and driving through the mountains after a late night stopover with Jan and Barbara, who fed us a polish feast of chicken, soup, sausages, sauerkraut,  green beans, cake and ice cream…I was asleep before the meal was done

We were late for the Kamloops show on account of bad weather on the Kokahalla, we took the advice of a grumpy gas station attendant just before the turnoff. Ronda, as we have named the GPS simply could not fathom our change of course and kept trying to turn us around. The silver lining was the spectacular views afforded by choosing the alternate highway #1 route.

Yesterday was a bit of a fiasco, got ourselves into a sketchy vehicle harangue trying to do a favour for our producer. While we waited however, we did manage to pick up an awesome rainbow trunk at a thrift shop to use for our glad rags.

Following a string of large high profile gigs, the somewhat subdued coffee shop show in Kamloops felt strange. The opener’s ( Duo #2) were great, so was the rosemary lentil soup, and the girl who bought a record. Some dude in the ally threw a fit about our Uhaul, although he so easily could have driven around, tore out leaving his parking garage open. Glen’s Vancouver hospitality is always such a spectacular gong show, everyone’s outdone themselves by now… and are all approaching a state similar in appearance to the Hastings zombies, although i expect induced by softer drugs.

looking forward to a few days off before we head out east, and to the vinyl release shows in Calgary.



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